What’s Next for the RC

We’re back in the studio and preparing for an album release at the end of this summer.

Since the conception of our 8 – 10 piece live show, we’re realizing a greater energy within our tracks. We’ll be spending the summer doing 3 things:

  1. Trying to capture this energy on tape.
  2. Adding more songs to our live set.
  3. Playing  some show’s around Alberta

Check back here for updates on the recording process and for live dates!

Don’t forget, we want to hear from you, leave us a comment.

Last Band Standing Wrap-Up

The RC played the Last Band Standing finals to a sold out crowd in St. Albert last weekend. As always the crowd was great, the atmosphere was tense and the show was fun.

We didn’t make the final placing but would like to thank everyone who supported us through the entire competition. This includes all the the fans who came out for us, all the fans who came out for the other bands and all the bands who cheered us on from the dance floor. You all helped create a great environment to play in.

Congratulations goes out to the Flash Jam, 2010’s Grand Prize winners!

Finals – Saturday, June 20

We’ll sell you the whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge!

RC Sindicate has made the finals of Alberta’s Last Band Standing! Thanks to everyone who came out Thursday night. What an amazing crowd.

With your support we have made it through from 72 to the last four bands. The prizes include a spot on the main stage at Boonstock and $50,000 in prizes!

I know it’s been a long road, but we’re asking for your support one more time. Come on out to the tap house and bring everyone you know. Help us close the deal this Saturday, June 20 at the Tap House in St. Albert.

We’ve seen an amazing number of talented musicians over the past ten weeks. To all the bands from Thursday night and all the bands who participated in the competitions – Kudos to you!

I hope to see you all on Saturday. Enter your name in one of the draws while you’re there; who knows you may win tickets to Boonstock too.

Semi-final Round – Last Band Standing

Come out and help us get into the finals.

This is it, we’re entering the 5th round in the Battle for Boonstock – Last Band Standing! This is the last one before the final, and we need everyone who can possibly come out on this one.

Where: Taphouse – St. Albert, Alberta
When: Thursday April 15th
How Much: $10

Tell them you’re there to see RC Sindicate at the door.

We totally appreciate everyones efforts – thanks to all who came out in other rounds.
If you are coming, bring others with you. Even if you can’t make it out…pass on the invite to any of your friends that would love to hear some good music.

See you there!